Caterpillar Factory Password 18 Digit – Unlock ECM Parameters


Dongle with 100 Passwords $1650




Note: Price for 2 password, Just send your .html file and we will send the 18 digit password


This is the 18 digit password generator which can be used to reset operator inducements, change serial numbers, personality mismatch codes, engine hp ratings, machine security key install status, delayed cooldowns, lifetime hours, idle hours, engine lifetime revolutions, and much more.

ET license numbers can be any value but must be in the correct format of ETxxxxxx(6 numerical digits). When generating passwords for a setting on the machine control the machine serial number must be programmed in the proper format, XXXxxxxx (3 Digit machine Prefix + 5 digit numerical only). Machine serials of Equip 1, Truck 9, and Jake’s Hoe are not going to generate proper password request

With this information, we will generate two factory passwords. They will allow you to unlock all locked ECM parameters.


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