Doosan Ingersoll Rand Parts Manual [03.2019] PDF


Last data update: 2019.03
Size: 7.26 Gb
Brand: Doosan / Ingersoll Rand
Region: All regions
Type: Parts Manual
Language: English
SO: All windows, iOs, Android
Format: Pdf
Number of discs: 2 DVD
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Last data update: 2019.03
Size: 7.26 Gb
Brand: Doosan / Ingersoll Rand
Region: All regions
Type: Parts Manual
Language: English
SO: All windows, iOs, Android
Format: Pdf
Number of discs: 2 DVD
Instant download after payment, no waiting
High speed download link


1./ Ingersoll Rand Compressor Modules
2./ Ingersoll Rand Construction Tools
3./ Ingersoll Rand Generators
4./ Ingersoll Rand Light Compaction
5./ Ingersoll Rand Light Towers & Balloon Light
6./ Ingersoll Rand Portable Compressors
7./ Ingersoll Rand Onboard Power


1./ Ingersoll Rand Compressor Modules:

Ingersoll Rand Compressor serial number identification.pdf
Ingersoll Rand HP185CM
Ingersoll Rand HP185CMH
Ingersoll Rand HP400
Ingersoll Rand HP60CMH_ VHP90CMH
Ingersoll Rand Thumbs.db
Ingersoll Rand VHP200CMH_ VHP300CMH
Ingersoll Rand VHP30-40RMH-RMD-RMG
Ingersoll Rand VHP300CM
Ingersoll Rand VHP400_ VHP500_ VHP550_ HP600_ XP650-CMH
Ingersoll Rand VHP40RMD
Ingersoll Rand VHP600CM
Ingersoll Rand XHP1070CMH_ XHP1250CMH
Ingersoll Rand XHP1070CM_ XHP1250CM
Ingersoll Rand XHP650_ XHP750_ XHP825 XHP900-CMH
Ingersoll Rand XHP650_ XHP750_ XHP825_ XHP900-CM
Ingersoll Rand XHP900CM

2./ Ingersoll Rand Construction Tools:

2.1 /Ingersoll Rand 01_Paving Breakers:

Ingersoll Rand IR15BVandBS
Ingersoll Rand IR20BVandBS
Ingersoll Rand IR21BVandBS
Ingersoll Rand IR25BVandBS
Ingersoll Rand IR30BVandBS
Ingersoll Rand IR40BVandBS

2.2/ Ingersoll Rand 02_Chipping Hammers and Pickhammers:


2.3/ Ingersoll Rand 03_Jackhammers:

Ingersoll Rand IR17.pdf
Ingersoll Rand IR17JSandJV
Ingersoll Rand IR23.pdf
Ingersoll Rand IR23JSandJV
Ingersoll Rand IR5JS

2.4/ Ingersoll Rand 04_Points and Chisels:

Ingersoll Rand Accessories.pdf
Ingersoll Rand Repointing.pdf
Ingersoll Rand Thumbs.db
Ingersoll Rand User_Guidelines.pdf

3./ Ingersoll Rand Generators:

3.1/ Ingersoll Rand Archive non-current products:

G11 G12 MAR02 CPN33519008601.pdf
G11 JUN04 CPN17136904-US.pdf
G110 MAY04 CPN17135575-US.pdf
G110R JAN05 CPN85636827-US.pdf
G11ME JUN04 CPN17136869-US.pdf
G12 JUN04 CPN17136912-US.pdf
G120 APR04 CPN17136839-US.pdf
G130 MAY04 CPN17135583-US.pdf
G130R JAN05 CPN17130022-US.pdf
G145 JUN04 CPN17136847-US.pdf
G16 APR04 CPN17131178-US.pdf
G16 JAN06 CPN17131178.pdf
G160 MAY04 CPN17135591-US.pdf
G160R JAN05 CPN17130030-US.pdf
G16R DEC03 CPN85636769-US.pdf
G175 JUN04 CPN17136821-US.pdf
G190 JUN04 CPN17136854-US.pdf
G20 APR04 CPN17131210-US.pdf
G200 MAY04 CPN17135601-US.pdf
G200R JAN05 CPN17130048-US.pdf
G22 APR04 CPN17131186-US.pdf
G22 JAN01 CPN17131186-US.pdf
G220 MAY04 CPN17135617-US.pdf
G220R JAN05 CPN17130055-US.pdf
G22R JAN06 CPN85636777.pdf
G25 APR04 CPN17131228-US.pdf
G27 JAN99 SN409297-409999 CPN89282552.pdf
G270 AUG04 CPN17135625-US.pdf
G270 FEB07 CPN17135625.pdf
G33 APR04CPN17131194-US.pdf
G33 JAN06CPN17131194.pdf
G330 AUG04 CPN17135633-US.pdf
G330 JAN05 CPN17135633-US.pdf
G33R JAN06 CPN85636785.pdf
G40 APR04 CPN17131236-US.pdf
G40_G60 JAN99 G40 SN491225-492050_G60 SN591000-591050 CPN89282560.pdf
G44 APR04 CPN17131202-US.pdf
G44 JAN 06CPN17131202.pdf
G440 AUG04 CPN17135641-US.pdf
G44R JAN06 CPN85636793.pdf
G50 JUN04 CPN17136813-US.pdf
G550 AUG04 CPN17135658.pdf
G66 MAY04 CPN17135559-US.pdf
G66 Y2002M07 CPN85052942-US.pdf
G66R JAN05 CPN85636801-US.pdf
G77 MAY04 CPN 17135567-US.pdf
G77R JAN05 CPN85636819-US.pdf
GenPower Generators serial number identification.pdf

3.2/ Ingersoll Rand Global Export Generators:

46679807-D-02-17 PM-G265XW-XF-50Hz – G300XW-XF-60Hz.pdf
46690794-D-02-17-PM-G500XW-XF-50Hz – G530XW-XF-60Hz.pdf
46692866-C-03-17-PM-G115XW-XF-50Hz – G130XW-XF-60Hz.pdf
46692999-C-03-17-PM-G150XW-XF-50Hz – G170XW-XF-60Hz.pdf
46693275-B-04-17-PM-G80XW-XF-50Hz – G100XW-XF-60Hz.pdf
46693377-B-03-17 PM-G200XW-XF-50Hz – G225XW-XF-60Hz.pdf
46693622-B-04-17 PM-G300XW-XF-50Hz – G335XW-XF-60Hz.pdf
46693721-B-11-16-PM-G60XW-XF-50Hz – G65XW-XF-60Hz.pdf
46693930-B-05-17-PM-G400XW-XF-50Hz – G430XW-XF-60Hz.pdf
46694189-B-06-17-PM-G435XW-XF-50Hz – G470XW-XF-60Hz.pdf
46694326-B-06-17-PM-G550XW-XF-50Hz – G600XW-XF-60Hz.pdf
46694358-B-06-17-PM-G625XW-XF-50Hz – G655XW-XF-60Hz.pdf
46695050-A-07-17-PM-G690XW-XF-50HZ – G800XW-XF-60Hz.pdf
46695060-A-12-16-PM-G750XW-XF-50HZ – G850XW-XF-60Hz.pdf
46695742-B-07-17 PM-G500XW-XF-50Hz-P180LE.pdf
46717264-A-05-18-PM-G20-30XW-XF-50Hz – G24-36XW-XF-60Hz.pdf
46720010-B-08-18-PM-G45-60XW-XF-50Hz – G48-71XW-XF-60Hz.pdf
G20_G24 RSPL.pdf
G30_G36 RSPL.pdf
G45_G48 RSPL.pdf
G60_G71 RSPL.pdf
Recommended Stock Guide G115XW-XF-50Hz – G130XW-XF-60Hz 13-09-2017.pdf
Recommended Stock Guide G150XW-XF-50Hz – G170XW-XF-60Hz 13-09-2017.pdf
Recommended Stock Guide G200XW-XF-50Hz – G225XW-XF-60Hz 13-09-2017.pdf
Recommended Stock Guide G265XW-XF-50Hz – G300XW-XF-60Hz 13-09-2017.pdf
Recommended Stock Guide G300XW-XF-50Hz – G335XW-XF-60Hz 13-09-2017.pdf
Recommended Stock Guide G400XW-XF-50Hz – G430XW-XF-60Hz 13-09-2017.pdf
Recommended Stock Guide G435XW-XF-50Hz – G470XW-XF-60Hz 13-09-2017.pdf
Recommended Stock Guide G500XW-XF-50Hz – G530XW-XF-60Hz 13-09-2017.pdf
Recommended Stock Guide G550XW-XF-50Hz – G600XW-XF-60Hz 13-09-2017.pdf
Recommended Stock Guide G60XW-XF-50Hz – G65XW-XF-60Hz 13-09-2017.pdf
Recommended Stock Guide G60XW-XF-50Hz – G65XW-XF-60Hz 20-07-2017.pdf
Recommended Stock Guide G625XW-XF-50Hz – G655XW-XF-60Hz 13-09-2017.pdf
Recommended Stock Guide G690XW-XF-50Hz – G800XW-XF-60Hz 13-09-2017.pdf
Recommended Stock Guide G730XW-XF-60Hz 13-09-2017.pdf
Recommended Stock Guide G750XW-XF-50Hz – G850XW-XF-60Hz 13-09-2017.pdf
Recommended Stock Guide G80XW-XF-50Hz – G100XW-XF-60Hz 13-09-2017.pdf
Recommended Stock Guide G80XW-XF-50Hz – G100XW-XF-60Hz 20-07-2017.pdf

3.3/ Ingersoll Rand PowerSource StageII:

Ingersoll Rand 22926166_G10-50hz_07-08.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 22929087_E_11-12_PM_G20-50Hz.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 22929087_G20_50hz_7-08.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 22957138-G-11-12-PM-G30-50Hz.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 22957138_E_11-12_PM-G30-50Hz.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 22957138_G30-50Hz_1-09.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 23020191_G400-50Hz_7-08.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 23020191_H_11-12_PM_G400-50Hz.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 23020209_G500_50hz_7-08.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 23020209_H_11-12_PM_G500-50Hz.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 23078215_G80_50Hz_7-08.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 23078223_G100_50Hz_7-08.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 23078249_G160_50hz_7-08.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 23078264_G200_50Hz_7-08.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 23078280_G250_50Hz_7-08.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 23078280_G_11-12_PM_G250-50Hz.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 23078314_F_11-12_PM_G40-50Hz.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 23078314_G40_50Hz_07-08.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 23078330_F_11-12_PM_G60-50Hz.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 23078330_G60_50Hz_7-08.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 46606374-B-03-13-PM-G150-200.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 46622819-A-03-13-PM-G80-G100.pdf
PowerSource Generators serial number identification.pdf

3.4/ Ingersoll Rand PowerSource synchronization:

G150- 200 Synchro (46622741)

3.5/ Ingersoll Rand StageIIIA:

Ingersoll Rand 46606374-B-03-13-PM-G150-200.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 46606374-E-11-18-PM-G150-G200.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 46622819-B-07-16-PM-G80-G100.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 46673947_A_08-15_PM_G40-G60_SIIIA.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 46696923-B_07-17-PM-G30SIIIA.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 46696923-C_04-18-PM-G30SIIIA.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 46698235-A-03-17-PM-G20SIIIA.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 46698235-B-01-18-PM-G20SIIIA.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 46698235-C-04-18-PM-G20SIIIA.pdf
PowerSource Generators serial number identification.pdf

4./ Ingersoll Rand Light Compaction:

80025943 Part Manual RX-264H _10-06_.pdf
80025950 Part Manual RX-344H _10-06_.pdf
80025984 Part Manual BX-60WH BX-80WH BX-120WH _10-06_.pdf
80025984 PM BX-60WH BX-80WH BX-120WH _08-06_.pdf
80025984 PM BX-60WH BX-80WH BX-120WH _08-06_.xls
80026016 Part Manual BXR-100H _10-06_.pdf
80026040 Part Manual DX-500E _10-06_.pdf
80026057 Part Manual DX-700E _10-06_.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 80025943 PM RX-264H _08-06_.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 80025943 PM RX-264H _08-06_.xls
Ingersoll Rand 80025950 PM RX-344H _08-06_.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 80025950 PM RX-344H _08-06_.xls
Ingersoll Rand 80026016 PM BXR-100H _08-06_.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 80026016 PM BXR-100H _08-06_.xls
Ingersoll Rand 80026040 PM DX-500E _08-06_.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 80026040 PM DX-500E _08-06_.xls
Ingersoll Rand 80026057 PM DX-700E _08-06_.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 80026057 PM DX-700E _08-06_.xls
13164496 BXR60 OPS, Part Manual.pdf
13192471 BXR70 OPS, Parts Manual.pdf
13208400 BX6WH, BX8WH, BX12WH OPS, Parts Manual.pdf
14-18 BS-BV SERIES_CNO 10574309.pdf
14-18BS 14-18BV SERIES_CNO 10574291.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 10 BS SERIES_CNO 10576411.pdf
Ingersoll Rand BX-12 SERIES_CNO 59014076.pdf
Ingersoll Rand BX-12 SERIES_CNO 59014084.pdf
Ingersoll Rand BX-12 SERIES_CNO 59029967.pdf
Ingersoll Rand BX-6 SERIES_CNO 58949751.pdf
Ingersoll Rand BX-8 SERIES_CNO 59014043.pdf
Ingersoll Rand BX-8 SERIES_CNO 59014050.pdf
Ingersoll Rand BX-8 SERIES_CNO 59014068.pdf
Ingersoll Rand BX-8 SERIES_CNO 59110718.pdf
Ingersoll Rand BX-8_CNO 92998574.pdf
Ingersoll Rand CXR-9_CNO 92990092.pdf
Ingersoll Rand DX-60-70_CNO 59014126.pdf
Ingersoll Rand HX30 SERIES_CNO 10571651.pdf
Ingersoll Rand HX35 SERIES_CNO 10571628.pdf
Ingersoll Rand HX40 SERIES_CNO 10571636.pdf
Ingersoll Rand HX55 SERIES_CNO 10571644.pdf
Ingersoll Rand HXR40 SERIES_CNO 10571677.pdf
Ingersoll Rand HXR55 SERIES_CNO 10571685.pdf
Ingersoll Rand RX-50_CNO 92994524.pdf
Ingersoll Rand RX-50_CNO 92994532.pdf
Ingersoll Rand RX-55_CNO 59013920.pdf
Ingersoll Rand RX-55_CNO 59013938.pdf
Ingersoll Rand RX-55_CNO 59013946.pdf
Ingersoll Rand RX-55_CNO 59067603.pdf
Ingersoll Rand RX-65 SERIES_CNO 59006833.pdf
Ingersoll Rand RX-65_CNO 59013953.pdf
Ingersoll Rand RX-65_CNO 59013961.pdf
Ingersoll Rand RX-65_CNO 59013979.pdf
Ingersoll Rand RX-65_CNO 59067611.pdf
Ingersoll Rand RX-75_CNO 59013987.pdf
Ingersoll Rand RX-75_CNO 59013995.pdf
Ingersoll Rand RX-75_CNO 59014001.pdf
Ingersoll Rand RX-75_CNO 59067629.pdf
RX-55 SECTION 18-PARTS MANUAL_CNO 59013920.pdf

5./ Ingersoll Rand Light Towers & Balloon Light:

BL2000B Y2006M04 CPN4900059.pdf
Ingersoll Rand BL 1200 HMI_CZ.pdf
Ingersoll Rand BL600
22149124 50hz Lightsource OPS,Parts 6- 03.pdf
22862387 L6 L8 PARTS 9-06.pdf
22862387 L6 L8 parts manual_7-10.pdf
22902456 LS 60 Hz parts manual_7-10.pdf
46611282 LSC 50hz PM 26-08-2013.pdf
4900048-FR-03-05-OM-Lightsource LT6K.pdf
4900048-NL-03-05-OM-Lightsource LT6K.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 22862387 L6 822.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 46500047 D V9 parts.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 46500047-B V9 parts.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 46500047-C V9 parts.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 46611282LSC KUB PM.pdf
Ingersoll Rand L6K_1.pdf
Ingersoll Rand L6K_2.pdf
Ingersoll Rand L6K_3.pdf
Ingersoll Rand L6K_4.pdf
Ingersoll Rand L8 rec. spares.pdf
Ingersoll Rand Thumbs.db
L6K_CPN 92910777 ISSUE 1.pdf
L6K_CPN 92910777 ISSUE 2.pdf
L6K_CPN 92910777 ISSUE 4.pdf
L6K_CPN 93488641 ISSUE 4.pdf
L6K_CPN 93488658 ISSUE 2.pdf
L6K_CPN 93488666 ISSUE 1.pdf
L6K_SN 900026-900125_CPN 92910777 ISSUE 5.pdf
L6K_SN 900079-900400_CPN 92910777 ISSUE 6.pdf
L6K_SN 900201-900499_CPN 93488641 ISSUE 1.pdf
L6K_SN 900201-900499_CPN 93488641 ISSUE 2.pdf
L6K_SN 900201-900499_CPN 93488641 ISSUE 3.pdf
L6K_SN 900201-900499_CPN 93488641 ISSUE 4.pdf
L6K_SN 900201-900499_CPN 93488658 ISSUE 2.pdf
L6K_SN 900201-900499_CPN 93488658 ISSUE 3.pdf
L6K_SN 900201-900499_CPN 93488658 ISSUE 4.pdf
L6K_SN 900201-900499_CPN 93488666 ISSUE 2.pdf
L6K_SN 900201-900499_CPN 93488666 ISSUE 3.pdf
L6K_SN 900201-900499_CPN 93488666 ISSUE 4.pdf
Lightsource 50 Hz Y2002M10 CPN22149124.pdf
Lightsource 50 Hz Y2003M06 CPN22149124.pdf
Lightsource 50hz Y2007M06 CPN22930028.pdf
Lightsource L-6 L-8 Y2006M03 CPN22862387.pdf
Lightsource L-6 L-8 Y2006M09 CPN22862387.pdf
Lightsource L-6 L-8 Y2006M09 CPN22862387_B.pdf
Lightsource LT6K 50 Hz Y2005M02 CPN22545503.pdf
LS 60 Hz_JUL2010_CPN22902456Rev.G.pdf
LT6K_22545503 50 Hz Lightsource Parts_3Mar05.pdf

6./ Ingersoll Rand Portable Compressors:

6.1/ Ingersoll Rand Small Range:

7-20_ 7-21_ 7-26_ P65_ P70_ P90_
HP95_ P101_ P105_ P110_ P130_ P135_ P150_ P160_ P175_ P185_ HP185_VHP260
Ingersoll Rand 7-26E-7-31E
Ingersoll Rand 7-31_ 7-41
Ingersoll Rand 7-51
Ingersoll Rand 7-53
Ingersoll Rand 7-71_ 12-56_7-72
Ingersoll Rand 7-73
Ingersoll Rand P125_P140
Ingersoll Rand P250
Ingersoll Rand P260_ HP200
Ingersoll Rand Thumbs.db
Ingersoll Rand USmade_Airsource
Ingersoll Rand USmade_C185
Ingersoll Rand USmade_P185WYM
Ingersoll Rand USmade_P185_WJD
Ingersoll Rand USmade_P250_WJD
Ingersoll Rand USmade_P260_WIR
USmade_P185AWIR_ XP185AWIR
USmade_P185WIR_ XP185WIR

6.2/ Ingersoll Rand Mid Range:

7-120_ 9-110_ 10-105_ 14-85
7-170_ 10-125_ 14-115
Ingersoll Rand 12-150_12-154
Ingersoll Rand 7-125_10-110_14-90
Ingersoll Rand HP320_ P375
Ingersoll Rand HP355_ XP380_ P400
Ingersoll Rand HP380_ XP355_ P400
Ingersoll Rand India Products
Ingersoll Rand P380CU
Ingersoll Rand P380P
Ingersoll Rand Thumbs.db
Ingersoll Rand USmade_P425 WIR
Ingersoll Rand VHP400_ P600
P250_ HP300_ P375 WJD
USmade_P425_ XP375_ HP365_ HP375_ VHP300-AWIR-WIR-WCU
USmade_P600_ XP525_ HP450_ VHP400-WIR-WCU

6.3/ Ingersoll Rand Large Range:

9-215_ 9-230_ 9-255_ 9-300_ 10-170_ 12-170_ 12-235_ 17-235_ 21-215
Compressor serial number identification.pdf
HP1000_ XP1200_ P1300 HP1300_ XP1400_ P1600
HP1300WCU_ HP1600WCU_ P1600WCU
HP600_ HP750_ XP750_ XP825 WCU
HP600_ VHP700_ XP750_ VHP750_ XP900_ P1050
HP600_ XP600_ P750_ HP750_ XP825_ P900 AWCU
Ingersoll Rand 9-235 HA stage 2
Ingersoll Rand CHINA
Ingersoll Rand HP935_XP1050WCU
Ingersoll Rand Thumbs.db
Ingersoll Rand XHP660_ XHP760
XHP650_XHP750… TO XP1060-CAT-CU
XHP700_XHP1000_ HP915_ XP1000_ MPH825 WCU
Ingersoll Rand Compressor serial number identification.pdf
Ingersoll Rand Machine serial number identification.pdf

6.4/ Ingersoll Rand Pumps:

Ingersoll Rand 92798446-R3-08-92-OM+PM-V4.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 92798446-R4-10-92-OM+PM-V4.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 92798446-R5-04-93-OM+PM-V4.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 93172682-R1-10-94-OM+PM-V4.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 93172682-R2-02-95-OM+PM-V4-V6.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 93172682-R3-05-96-OM+PM-V4-V6.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 93172682-R4-05-97-OM+PM-V4-V6.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 93172682-R5-05-98-OM+PM-V4-V6.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 93172690-R1-10-94-OM+PM-V4.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 93172690-R2-02-95-OM+PM-V4-V6.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 93172690-R3-05-96-OM+PM-V4-V6.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 93172690-R4-05-97-OM+PM-V4-V6.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 93172690-R5-05-98-OM+PM-V4-V6.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 93172708-R1-10-94-OM+PM-V4.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 93172708-R2-02-95-OM+PM-V4-V6.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 93172708-R3-05-96-OM+PM-V4-V6.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 93172708-R4-05-97-OM+PM-V4-V6.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 93172708-R5-05-98-OM+PM-V4-V6.pdf

7./ Ingersoll Rand Onboard Power:

Ingersoll Rand 22270649_VHP85_parts_4-10.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 23097140_PM_03_2009.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 23097140_PM_vhp30-40RMH 6-09.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 23218621,HP60,PARTS,08-08.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 23254873,VHP40RMD,PARTS,05-08.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 23270649,VHP90,PARTS,05-08.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 23354590, Cat2 Standard,PARTS,08-08.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 23362544, Cat 1 standard, PARTS,08-08.pdf
Ingersoll Rand 23365166, Reverse Rotation,PARTS,08-08.pdf
Ingersoll Rand Shortcut to Parts Manuals.lnk
Ingersoll Rand wiring diagrams.pdf


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