Webasto Thermo Test v3.4



  • New Webasto software WTT  v2.16.1 with extended /engineer mod /see photo/
  • The software is available on the following languages– English, Russian(Руский), Danish(Dansk), German(Deutsch), Spanish(Espanol), French(Francais), Polish(Polski), Finnish(Suomi)Functions:
  •      Read and clean formed errors
    Graphs of actual values of components
    CO2 calibration
  •      Information about heater (hours of workng, model an year of manifacture, etc.)
  •      Component test (water pump, fuel pump, combustion fan, glow plug, relay)
  •      Heaters parameters and operating data are displayed
    • Thermo Top EVO C/E/P/S/T/V/Z/98
    • Air Top 2000/ 2000S /2000ST /2500/3000/5000
    • Thermo 50/90/90S/230/300/350
    • DW 80/230/300/350 / BW 80
    • DBW46 / BBW46
    • Telestart
    • IPCU
    • W-Bus
    • Thermo Top C, E, Handel, P, C/Z MB/D
    • Thermo Top C/Z BMW
      Thermo Top Audi
      Thermo Top C/Z Fiat
      Thermo Top PSA
      Thermo Top Rover
      Thermo Top (98)
      Thermo 50 (67339A), (67339B)
      Thermo 90 (S)
      Thermo 230/300/350 (E1), (E2), (SG1572)
      Air Top Evo 2000
      Air Top Evo 3900
      Air Top Evo 5500
      Air Top 2000 STC
    • W-bus protocol < V3,5
      DW/BW 80
      DBW/BBW 46S…
    • …etc..


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